Virtual Christmas Primary Singing Time!!!!


Virtual Christmas Primary Singing Time!!!!


Here’s a virtual Singing Time idea that is Christmas themed for Primary! And GET THEM MOVING!!!!

 Depending on the time you are allotted, it should run around 20 minutes.  We are doing our session over Google Meet.  We created a link and posted it on our Ward’s Facebook page, so they can click and join along at the designated time!


***Each child will need a towel to follow along with the actions for each song.  Any towel will work, this could be a beach towel, bath towel, hand towel, etc.  A sheet or blanket could also work.


Our thought for this Singing Time was to have the kids have something for every song to interact and have MOTION!  


The opening song, as usual, is a “wiggle” song ;)


The classic:



Use the towel as the snowman.  Lift it up high in front of you and lower (melt) it to the ground as you sing the song.  You can sing this a few times, singing faster each time.  The kids love that J


Next, tell them you will be retelling a special story through the songs today.  It’s the story of Jesus Christ’s birth!

Ask: Do you know the story of when you were born?  (Since they will be on mute, they can raise their hand.)  You could also have them raise their hand if they were born in the city you live OR elsewhere.

The story of when you were born is special and unique to you.  But today we all are going to sing together about the events of when our Savior was born.

Get your towels ready!!!!



Show picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall and briefly tell the story of how he prophesied of Jesus’s birth.

Sing SAMUEL TELLS OF BABY JESUS.  On the words “Hosanna”, have the children sway the towel high above their heads.  (I plan to tell them beforehand what the towel action is and review the words.  Then, sing song all the way through).





Next, show picture of Joseph and Mary riding to Bethlehem and briefly tell about the picture.  

 or this one:

Sitting on a chair, lay the towel on your lap, and sing as you do these signs:

When Joseph went to Bethlehem, I think he took great care to place his tools (“place tools” in the towel), 

and close his shop (close it up),

and leave no shavings there (dust off).

He urged the donkey forward (whip towel)

then, with Mary on its back (put towel over shoulder)

And carried bread and goat cheese in a little linen sack (curl up towel in hands).

Next, show a picture of Jesus in the manger.


As you sing, wrap the towel into swaddle/baby and rock/sway as you sing.



Next, show a picture of the Shepard’s in the field seeing the star.  Briefly tell about them and how they came to see baby Jesus.


Drape the towel over your head, like the shepherds wore, and sing the song.


Next, show a picture of the Nativity scene and point out some of the additional things to see in the picture.

Sing THE NATIVITY SONG with the towel over your shoulders like a warm blanket.  You can also sway your body as you sing.  (You could also put the towel around your neck like a scarf).  I have a flipchart for this song from Jolly Jenn and plan to flip it as we sing.


 Yay!!! All done!!!

In the end, you can bare your testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, how you feel about His importance and celebrating His birth.


We hope this helps give you some inspiration for your Virtual Singing Time this upcoming season!!!


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