Pick a Number Between : A Primary Singing Time Idea

In need of a quick and eeeasy Singing time Idea this summer????

Well, it doesn't get much simpler than this!

All you need is your Primary Children's Songbook!!!

Pull out a name choosing stick, or just call on a child who you think has been listening and singing well.

Ask them to choose a number between..... _____ and ______.

So for instance, if you want to sing a:

Wiggle/Action Song, say, "choose a number between 252 and 285".

Song about Heavenly Father, a number between 2 and 31.

Song about Jesus, choose a number between 34 and 83.

Christmas, 36 and 54.

Family 188 and 211

Pioneers/Heritage , 214 and 225

Seasons, 228 and 249


So, ask the child to pick and number, and after they've given it, look up that number in the songbook and sing it!

The children will have fun being the choosers of random numbers and singing different songs!!!!!


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