King Benjamin's Tower: Primary Singing Time Idea

This week in our Come, Follow Me Lessons, we're reading about King Benjamin's address to his people.  King Benjamin stood upon a tall tower for them to be able to hear and delivered a special message.

In his message he counseled to serve God and our fellow man, and to keep the commandments, listen to the Spirit, of repentance, of Jesus Christ and the Atonement - among many other things (Mosiah 2-5).

So we thought it would be fun to have a


Printables at the end of this post :)

Move the tower up and down as you all sing.  The taller the tower, the louder they sing!

The shorter the tower, the quieter they sing! (whisper)

Some suggested songs to sing (and a scripture to read first) that refer to King Benjamin's message are:

Mosiah 2:17 - When We're Helping
Mosiah 4:16 - "Give" Said the Little Stream
Mosiah 2:18 - Can a Little Child Like Me?
Mosiah 4:15 - Love One Another
Mosiah 2:22 - Keep the Commandments
Mosiah 2:33 - Listen, Listen
Mosiah 4:10 - Repentance
Mosiah 3:17 - He Died That we Might Live Again

But you could also sing this month's songs that you're working on :)

In the end, bear your testimony that King Benjamin's words are just as true and important today!  You could also bear testimony that we have a living Prophet (Russell M. Nelson) that WE can listen to and follow today!!!

***If you want to print a tower for your children or family, CLICK HERE.  For a King Benjamin clipart CLICK HERE.

Print out, cut on the lines and glue onto something that will hold the tower down.  I glued mine on a piece of foam board - but cardboard would work great too :)

You could also pass out a coloring page/dot-to-dot from as an activity:

Happy Singing!


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