EASTER: Primary Singing Time Ideas

Easter is coming up!!!  So we thought we'd share some Primary Singing Time Ideas for this special time of year!!!   (these could also work as FHE)


For this Singing Time, print out the visual from the Friend Magazine, (found HERE):

Read number one and see if the children can match the picture.  Have them place the correct picture on the circle, then sing an Easter Primary Song.

Some suggestions for each song number are:

#1 - I'll Walk With You
#2 - Reverence is Love
#3 - Choose the Right Way
#4 - Help Me, Dear Father
#5 - When We're Helping
#6 - Can A Little Child Like Me?
#7 - Easter Hosanna

You could also do a similar activity using the Easter Footsteps visual (found HERE).
Jerusalem illustration


Choose an Easter song to sing and let the children shake the beat with egg shakers!!  If you're looking for some to buy, HERE is a great place to look.  Or you can put rice in plastic eggs and seal securely with tape

You can either call up 3-5 children at a time to come to the front and shake, or if you have enough for your whole Primary, pass them to everyone! Make sure to tell them to listen to instructions and be reverent and nice with them, BEFORE you pass them out.  Be clear in your expectations :)


For your closing song, pass out leaves to all the children and let them sway them together - you being the leader.  Looking for some leaves?  CLICK HERE. or green construction paper cut up the sides would work too :)


Explain that after Jesus died, his body was placed in a tomb with a large stone in front of it.  Three days after his death, the stone was not in front anymore and Jesus' body was not in there!  He had been RESURRECTED!

Display 5-8 tombs on the chalkboard.  All having a song to sing behind the stone - expect for one.  Call up a child to choose a tomb and roll the stone away.  If it has a song to sing, sing that song.  If it doesn't, explain that this is the best gift of Easter and of our lives.  That Jesus was resurrected and LIVES TODAY!!!!!!

Visual from lds.org found HERE.


There's  a few different ways you could do this Singing Activity:

-Place song titles in plastic Easter eggs and hide them around the room.  Choose a child to find an egg, and reveal the song inside.  Then sing that Easter Song!

-You could also put different words to the song you're learning in each egg.  Have some children collect them from around the room and then sing the song as they try to put the words in order.

-Another way is to put a song title in one color of egg.  Let some children gather just that color, unscramble the title, then sing that song.


Before Primary, put a piece of paper with a song title written on it in an emptied egg.  During Singing Time, call up a child to smash an egg and reveal the song to sing inside!


Gather 6 plastic eggs, each a different color.  Place the items below in the eggs - one in each egg.  Call up a child to open one of the eggs, read the sentence and show the coordinating item, then sing the listed song inside.

1st Egg - (Bread Crumb)  During the Last Supper, Jesus taught His disciples to take the Sacrament. He told them, “This do in remembrance of me”.  
SONG: To Think About Jesus.

2nd Egg - (Cross) Before Jesus was crucified on the cross, He asked one of His disciples to take care of His mother and to forgive the men that had done this to Him. 
SONG:  Help Me, Dear Father.

3rd Egg - (Strip of Cloth) Jesus' body was wrapped in cloth and placed in a tomb. SONG:  He Sent His Son.  

4th egg (Rock) A stone was placed in front of the tomb.  
SONG:  He Died that we might live Again.

5th Egg (Empty Egg) After 3 days, Jesus' friends came to the tomb and saw the stone had been moved.  The tomb was empty!  
SONG: Easter Hosanna.

6th Egg (Candy) Jesus is alive! That's the SWEET surprise of Easter!  
SONG :  Did Jesus Really live Again?

Bear your testimony that Jesus is alive and because He was resurrected, we will be too!  


Still learning your monthly songs?  This one is perfect for practicing a song over and over.  Start singing a song, having the children pass around 1 egg around the room.  Have the pianist stop the music suddenly at a random point. The child who has the egg must think of the next word in the song (they can always get help if they need).  Play again!


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