UnSHAKEable like Jacob

In this weeks Come, Follow Me Lesson, it talks about Jacob's faith.  His faith was so strong that it could not be shaken (Jacob chapter 4).

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At the beginning of Primary, hold up a picture of Jacob (Nephi's younger brother) and tell them that Jacob's faith was so strong it could not be SHAKEN.  When others around him were not choosing the right, Jacob continued to obey the Lord and he invited/pleaded for others to as well.  But no matter what, he was firm in his testimony.

To help the children understand what this means we thought this Primary Singing Time activity would be fitting:

PRIMARY YOGA!!!!  This idea was found HERE on Camille's Primary Ideas website (a fabulous resource for Primary Music Leaders!)

Choose a song to sing and as the song is being sung, hold up one of the position cards.  Have the children hold the pose without falling  =  UNSHAKEN!!!!!

Tell them to try to hold the positions without falling as you switch out cards during the song.

At the end of Singing Time, ask the children what we can do to make sure our faith is strong and unshakeable like Jacob's (ie: read scriptures everyday, choose good friends, come to church, stand for the right at school, pray, etc.).

Just like we work our bodies in yoga to become strong and unshakeable, we also need to work our Spirit's by doing these things (listed above).  As we do these things, we can be unshakeable like Jacob and return to our Heavenly Father.

Now let's get going on some YOGA!!!!!!



  1. I'm going to turn this into a YouTube video for the primary members of our wards do for church on Sunday during their home primary music time. I think now more than ever is a good time to remember to have unshaken safe regardless of what's going on around the world. Thank you so much!