Moroni's Trumpet

Since this next General Conference will be a special commemoration in celebration of Joseph Smith's first vision, we thought it would be important to learn a little bit about...


Because isn't he a big part of how the Gospel was restored???

***This lesson is tailored for FHE since the church is on a world wide gathering suspension due to Covid-19.

Show a picture of an Angel Moroni on top of a temple nearest you.  Ask if anyone knows why he has a trumpet? (In the scriptures, trumpets are used to sound warnings, proclaim news, and herald visitors. Moroni holds a horn to his lips with his right hand, symbolizing both the spreading of the gospel throughout the world and the long-anticipated Second Coming of the Savior, which will be announced by trumpet-blowing angels (see Matthew 24:31))

Ask: How can WE spread the Gospel??

Next, tell your family about the recent earthquake in SLC, Utah (March 18, 2020) and that Moroni's Trumpet was lost from his hand.  And that you all will help get it back!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Each member of the family will get a turn placing a trumpet onto the SLC Temple/Angel Moroni by playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

(Print out THIS picture of the SLC Temple and THIS picture of Angel Moroni and the trumpets on yellow paper).  Laminate if you're an overachiever.

Here are the instructions:

Decide who will go first, have them read a fact about Moroni (or help them read), then blindfold and spin that family member and tape the trumpet on the temple.

Here are some facts about Moroni that can be read per trumpet:

-Moroni was the son of Mormon.

-He was the last Nephite prophet to write in the Gold Plates.

-In chapters 4-5 of Moroni, is written the mode of administering the Sacrament that we use on Sunday's.

-Moroni's final message written, is on how to know the truth of the Book of Mormon.

-Moroni sealed up the plates and hid them in the hill Cumorah.

-In 1823 Moroni was sent as a resurrected being to reveal the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith.

And of course, there HASSSS to be some Primary Music during this FHE!!!!

The perfect song is An Angel From on High.  Play this song on the Sing-Along App (or play on the piano/guitar, if you're talented ;)), after the children make a "gold trumpet" and let them hum the tune in their trumpet!!!  It's number 328.

Orrrrrrrrrrrr you could play it in your car as you go to your nearest temple and LOOK for Angel Moroni at the top of the temple.  Sound your trumpet when you see him!!!

For some interesting facts about Moroni from, CLICK HERE.

And if you're still looking for more ideas, you can have your kiddos complete this maze.

In the end, bear your testimony that Moroni was a true prophet who wrote in and buried the Gold Plates, and later gave them to Joseph Smith.  Joseph Smith translated the words on the Gold Plates into what we know as the Book of Mormon.  

Just as Moroni's TRUMPET is a symbol of spreading the Gospel, we TOO can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We don't need a trumpet, but we can share our testimonies with our friends, neighbors, families, and those around us.  And through our words, the Spirit can be felt and will bring others to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

p.s. and be sure to ensure your kiddos that they found where Moroni's trumpet landed and will restore it to its proper place!


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