Joseph Smith Singing Story:FHE

We know, we know:  FHE isn't what we usually post.  But since we had done this SINGING STORY the "last week of church" know, before the social distancing ;), we thought it could easily be adapted to a fun FHE Lesson, and work well with the special Spring 2020 General Conference commemorating Joseph Smith's First Vision coming up!

Okay so here it goes!!!!

***Before you start, you'll need to print out a small gold plate visual , and our hieroglyphics pages HERE and HERE.

Also, if you want a short video of these pages and instruction as it goes along, CLICK HERE.  Read along with your family and pause to sing and do the activity :)

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Let's get started!

Tell you family: Today we're going to READ and SING a story about Joseph Smith.  It's only 3 short chapters.  After each chapter, there will be an activity and/or song.

Ahem, CHAPTER 1:

After Jesus Christ and all His Apostles died, His true church and Priesthood were not on the earth anymore.  (So there was no Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when Joseph Smith was a boy.)  Joseph wanted to go to church and desired to know which church was true and which to join, so he went into a field near his home and prayed to God.  Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to him and told him to join none of the churches, but to restore Jesus's true gospel: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We too can PRAY to Heavenly Father about anything we need, or questions, or just when we want to say thanks or tell Him we had a good or bad day.

*****Have every family member get on their knees and sing A Child's Prayer. The Sing-Along App is great to play from and shows the words.

 Ask them to listen for the QUESTIONS in the song, and the ANSWERS. Discuss after you sing. 

(The Sacred Grove, Can a Little Child Like Me, I Pray in Faith and If with all your Hearts are other great options to sing).


Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph many times and told him where to find the gold plates that the ancient prophets had written on.  They had been buried by Moroni on a Hill named Cumorah.

Do you think YOU would be a good FINDER of the Gold Plates???

***Tell your family, We are going to see if WE can find the "Gold Plates"!

Play 'Hot and Cold' while singing a selected Primary Song.  An Angel Came to Joseph Smith or The Golden Plates, and Books in the Book of Mormon would be a fitting songs, but ANY song you'd like would be great too :)

So for this activity, send a family member to another room, they are the "finder".  Have another member hide the plates somewhere in the room.  These could be the paper print out provided a the beginning of our post or another version of them.  Call the "finder" back in the room and have your family start singing.  When the finder is far from where the plates are hidden, sing SOFTLY, when they are warmer, sing more LOUD.  You get the idea :)  Let every family take a turn that would like to.


Through the power of God and using special tools, Joseph Smith translated the ancient writings on the Gold Plates into English.  One of the special tools he used was called the Urim and Thummim.  His translations are what we know as the Book of Mormon.

***Today we get to use our "Urim and THUMB-ims"!

Tell them that you're going to tell them some choices, and using their THUMB-ims they're going to indicate if it's a good choice or bad choice.

For example:
You choose to wake up and say your prayers (thumbs up).
You choose to eat cookies for breakfast (thumbs down).
You choose to help mom clean up after lunch (thumbs up).
You choose to help your little brother tie his shoes (thumbs up).
You choose to play with a classmate at recess that was sitting alone (thumbs up).
You choose to obey dad when he asked you to come inside for dinner (thumbs up).
You choose to not to read your scriptures before bed (thumbs down).

LASTLY, you get to TRANSLATE your closing FHE song number!!!

Decide which Primary song you'd like to sing (we chose, When I am Baptized).  Display the hieroglyphics key, and one-by-one, show the individual hieroglyphics symbol for the matching song number and translate. 

So for instance, if you chose When I am Baptized, you would show these:

Let them TRANSLATE the hieroglyphics to the corresponding number, then look the song up in the Primary Children's Songbook!

In the end, bare your testimony of Joseph Smith and how each member of your family can pray to Heavenly Father just as he did.  Encourage them to bear their testimony of Joseph Smith as well.

Did you know the Book of Mormon has now been translated into 97 different languages?????   For an activity after, you could print these mazes:

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We hope this can help some families in their FHE and in bringing the Spirit in their home and testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Thanks for visiting out site!



  1. Thank you for this wonderful idea! My girls are going to love it! Where do I find the printable for the translation of the song code? Sorry if i just looked over it. My girls know the part about Joseph Smith pretty well so we are going to build on this idea and add a couple more chapters, the first temples built, missionary work, the organization of the church and apostles, the priesthood restored, the trek west. Thank again!

  2. Hello! They are found under our Book of Mormon singing time ideas under number 5 :) Thanks for your comment and we'd love to hear how it goes!