Primary Singing Time: Temple Pick Activity

Here's a quick an easy Singing Time Idea for Primary tomorrow, and it goes along with this weeks Come, Follow Me Lesson.  ...because sometimes we just need something quick and easy on Saturday night, right???

All you need is to get some pictures of different TEMPLES at the Library, put them on the board and put a song title on the back.

After displaying the temples, ask the children to look over them. 

You could also ask them some of these questions:
What makes these temples different?  What makes them similar?
Why are temples important?
What happens inside the temple?
Are all Temples white?
Which temples have you seen?
Which temple is closest to you?
Which temple would you like to visit and/or be married in?

Now, ask them to look again at the Temples on the board (there are many more!) and ask them to think about themselves going inside someday to do temple work and being married inside. 

Call up a reverent child to come pick a temple, read the song title behind and then sing that song.

In the end, bear your testimony of temples and their eternal importanceness.  For isn't this why we learn Primary songs?  To live righteously, be like Jesus, enter into the temple, and return back to Heavenly Father with our families?

much love,

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