Snowball Fight

I remember one time my husband came home from work for his lunch break.

Let me explain the reason I said "one time".

It had just snowed a TON in our city and my oldest son and I built a huge snowball wall and gathered a good supply of snowball ammo.  Do you see where this is heading yet?

When my husband came home, we were hiding behind the wall and he didn't see us.  He got out of his truck and started walking towards us.  We surprised attacked him and a small spray of snowballs came his way!!!!

And that was the one time he came home on his lunch break.

The end.

Just kidding it's not the end of the post. (But not just kidding about the surprise snowball attack.  See pictures at the end of this post).

Anywho.  Point of the story?

Snowballs are fun.

So I decided to use them during our Primary Singing Time!!!!

Here are the instructions:

Snowball Fight - Give each child a piece of paper.  Let them write their favorite song on the paper and then crumple it up into a "snow"ball.  When they have all finished, on the count of 3, let them through their snowball at you (or the pianist, you, and the presidency) and have a snowball fight!!!

Call up a child to pick one of the snowballs, read the song title, and then sing that song!

For Junior Primary, you could have each class pick one song and let the teacher write it down for each child, or have each child tell the teacher their favorite song and write each down for them.

And the promised pics:

Can you see the peek hole? hehehehe

See?  Snowballs are fun :)


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