Ice Cube Race: Primary Singing Time Idea


Ice comes to mind when I think about Winter!  So I thought it would be fun to do a Primary Singing Time involving ice

....and R A C I N G!!!!

For this Singing Time, tape two racing tracks onto the table.  Next, tape a strip of tape on each track with a Primary song title on it.

Call up two children to stand on either side, hand them each an ice cube, and on the count of 3 have them let the cube go!  Whosever cube gets to the end first, is the song to sing!

I'll Walk With you it is!!!!

Take off the tape and stick more song titles on for the next round.

If you're working on a certain song, you could leave one on and only switch out 1 of the taped song.

Does this remind anyone of Ice Blocking???  Did anyone else do that when they were younger???


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