Hold to the Rod!: A Book of Mormon Primary Singing Time Idea

For this week and next in the Come, Follow Me-Book of Mormon manual, it is focused on the chapters of Lehi and Nephi's vision of the Tree of Life (1 Nephi chapters 8-15).

In this beautiful and detailed vision, people are led to a Tree by clinging onto an Iron Rod.  If they did not cling to it (hold tightly continually), they would be led away to different paths and directions.

The Tree of Life and its fruit represent the Love of God and ETERNAL LIFE and the Rod of Iron represents the WORD OF GOD.

This vision is so powerful and meaningful for US today! So let's use it during singing time to help the children understand its importance!

To help visualize and get the kids involved, we thought it would be fun to use a "balloon blow" activity!

At the start of Primary, briefly explain the vision and what the tree, its fruit, and rod represent.  You might want to show a picture of the representation of this vision.  Also explain that eternal life (the fruit) is living with our families of Heavenly Father again and that the Word of God (the rod) are things that contain the words of Heavenly Father.  These include the words in the scriptures, general conference, and words of the prophets.

For Singing Time tell the children we are going to help the boy get to the tree of life!!!!!!  He's clinging on but needs some help moving forward!  We're going to help him by singing songs that will help build a testimony and that are about the scriptures!!!!

Examples of songs to sing for this are: Scripture Power, Book of Mormon Stories, Books in the Book of Mormon,  Search Ponder and Pray, Seek the Lord Early, The Eighth Article of Faith, A Young Man Prepared, etc.

Before Primary, put up a long string with a straw looped in it.  At the end one end of the string have a picture of the Tree of Life.  I taped one side, but used a stand for the other to make it more stable.

For Singing Time, have a selection of songs that you'd like to sing, choose a song and start singing, and as the children sing, blow up a balloon with a balloon pump.  The better they sing the words, volume, and attentiveness, blow the balloon bigger!!!!  If they start to decline, let some air out.

At the end of the song, tape the balloon to the straw along with the paper boy printout (designed by Michelle at iheartprimarymusic).  Print HERE.

(The Tree of Life visual was found in the January 2011 Friend on page 41 HERE.)

Clip the end of the balloon with a clip.  It works great to fold the end of the opening of the balloon and then clip it.   This prevents any air escaping, before the child is ready to come up and let it go.

Have a child come up and on the count of three, pinch the clip and let the balloon go!!!!!!!!

The purpose is to have enough air in the balloon to get the boy to the Tree of Life!

HE MADE IT!!!!!!

Repeat with however much time you have for Singing Time.

At the end, make sure to share your testimony of clinging on to the Rod - reading the scriptures EVERYDAY and throughout their lives!!!!!  Staying true to Heavenly Father's commandments will lead up to the temple and happiness and ultimately living in heaven with God.

*Side note: I suggest you try this at home first - it took me and my boys a couple tries to get the system down.  My boys LOVED helping and doing this activity!  They ended up naming the boy, George :)

We hope ALL of you amazing music leaders are, as well, doing your best to CLING TO THE ROD!!!!!  READ YOUR SCRIPTURES EVERYDAY!!!!  You are amazing and keep up your great work in Primary!!!!


***What do you think of our HOLD TO THE ROD idea????  Make sure to share, pin, comment - it's what keeps up going!!!!!

(original Balloon Blow idea found, HERE from littleldsideas - such a fun site!)

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