Go and Do!

In first Nephi chapter 3, Lehi sends his sons back to Jerusalem to obtain the brass plates from wicked King Laban.  Nephi's brothers murmured about this while Nephi's response was,

"I will GO and DO the things which the Lord has commanded".

Today our Primary is going to "GO and DO" some nice things while we sing!

There are two ways to carry out this Singing Time:

1-First you can print out THESE six Go and Do challenges.  Call up two children to go and do one of the challenges.  As they go and do the challenge, the Primary children sing a selected song.  The point is to have the 2 children that left the room to complete their challenge before the song is over.

Make sure there are 2 older children that go together, you could also send a teacher with them.  And no running!

2-The second way to do this Singing Time, is to hide small paper brass plates around the church before Primary, and have two children (send with a teacher if you feel needed) collect one at a time as the children sing a song during Singing Time.

Suggestions for places the small paper brass plates could be hidden for the children to find/collect are:  underneath the bathroom counter, under the coat rack, at the Library (give to librarian before Primary), under a trash can, under couch in the foyer, etc.  Remember to be back before the end of the song!

At the end of Singing Time, bare your testimony of having faith in the Lord in what He asks of you.  He will prepare a way just as He did for Nephi.  It is also good to have an attitude as Nephi did and be obedient as he was.

Now Go and Do your thing during YOUR Singing Time!!!! :) :) :)


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