The Iron Rod

I was really excited to see that this was one of the suggested songs in January 2020!!!

I love this song and wanted to make sure that the children understood the words to it and the story behind it.  So I thought making a poster would be the best way!!!!

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The little boy at the end of the song moves/slides, so that you can lead him to Heavenly Father, Jesus, and his family :)

To introduce this song, I'm going to quickly tell the children of Nephi's vision and the importance of holding onto the Rod (the Word of God).

Next, I will tell them the words and meaning on the poster.  Then, I will have them listen to the piano to hear the melody of the song as I point to the words on the poster.

After that, I plan to sing the words to them and have them listen for answers to some questions.

So before I sing the song, I will ask a question such as, "What does the Iron Rod represent", "What are the 3 ways the Iron Rod is described in the song", "Where will holding onto the Iron Rod lead to?".

As they listen to me sing, they need to find out to answer to the question.

They are welcome to start singing along as we sing it again to listen for the answers.

I hope in the end, that they know what the song is conveying and that they start to realize the importance of holding onto the Word of God and the true Gospel in their lives.

For a link to this hymn on the Church's website, click HERE.

For a Google Doc of the clipart that was used for this poster, CLICK HERE.  Just print ans glue to make your own song visual!

If you're wondering how I put together the THROUGH part, here are some instructions:

First, I glued a small strip of white paper down.  This is so that you wouldn't see the blue poster board underneath when you slide the boy.

Then I made my Iron Rod and used an exacto knife to cut a small strip cut-out of where I wanted the boy to slide. 

I put a penny down (this is what keeps the boy in place).

Then, I glued the Rod down over the penny- ONLY ON THE OUTSIDE THE EDGES.  This is so that the penny can still slide!
 Lastly, I put a very small line of hot glue on the penny where it slides.  Then added the boy on top.


Hopefully this makes sense and can help another chorister!!!

And one last thing, I plan to hand out this coloring page for them to take home.  Hopefully this will encourage them to sing this song with their family for CFM-FHE and talk about and read the scriptures about the Tree of Life.

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  1. Thank you so much! This is amazing!

  2. This is such a great idea...thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for your great ideas!! I made the poster with your helpful downloads and it went very well yesterday!! I actually cut out a picture of my cousins in place of the little boy, and the kids all wanted to know who was in the picture. I just found your site and I love it! (I don't think this post is linked with the Book of Mormon Singing Time Activities, though... I had a hard time finding it after I closed it the first time!)

    1. Thanks for your comment!! That is a great idea to use a real picture! We will link it to the Book of Mormon labels so others can find it better. Thanks again!