Choose the RIGHT Way

One of the suggested songs for this month is Choose the Right Way, so we thought we'd share a visual we've made for this song and how we plan to sing it on Sunday :)

There's a RIGHT way to live and be HAPPY!!!!!

It is choosing the RIGHT everyday!!!!

I am learning the teachings of Jesus, they will help me and show me the way.

Choose the RIGHT way, and be HAPPY.  I must always choose the RIGHT!!!

Pass out 3-5 smiley faces to the children as they are sitting down (or one per class).

Sing the song and every time the word "RIGHT" is sung, have the children pass their smiley face to the child sitting next to them on the RIGHT.

When the song is over, whomever is holding a smiley faces gets to come up and hold it up during the next time you sing it.

Pass out 3-5 more smiley faces and repeat (sing song again, passing smiley faces on the word RIGHT).  Whomever is holding a face, comes up and holds it up as you sing the song again.

This is a short and easy song, so do this a few times and move on with another song!

I tried to mimic the CTR shield with this poster and printed the flipchart visual from Jolly Jenn's flipcharts HERE.

Before you sing this song, you could talk about how we feel when we make wrong choices (pretty crummy).  How do we feel when we make good and RIGHT choices?  (good/happy!).  Who likes to be happy???  Let's learn how to be happy and choose the RIGHT, by learning the words and tune to this song, "Choose the Right Way".

In the end, bare your testimony how how we can have a happier life by choosing good choices and striving to be like Jesus.

You could send them home with this CTR maze to do with their family and sing the song for their CFM-FHE lesson :)  This shield maze is found HERE on - designed by Regina Thompson.

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