Ultimate List of Different Ways to Sing

Ultimate List of Different Ways to Sing for REPEATING a Song!!!

The children won’t get bored with all the possible ways to sing any reviewing song!  These are also a great way to practice for the Primary Program.  You can plug these in with any pick-and-choose singing activity, on a spinner board, write them on a slip of paper and put them in a box, or just write them on the board and let them pick!

Trust us, you’ll want to Pin this for later!!!!

So without further ado:

Nose Plugged
Lights Off
Eyes Closed
One eye closed
Plug ears
Ears forward (cup hands behind ears)
Clap the beat
Pat head and rub belly
On Knees
Bowing Head
Fold Arms
Prayer Hands
Turn and sing to a friend
Wearing a certain color (those wearing black, green, blue, etc.)
Boys Only
Girls Only
No teachers
March in place
Pat beat on knees
Spin in Circles (short songs only so they don’t get too dizzy!)
Child lead the music with you
Stand up on a selected word
Stand on one foot
Face backwards
Like the Tabernacle Choir (hold hands in front like holding sheet music, stand up straight)
Under water (put pointer finger between lips and move up and down)
Bee (hum)
Click tongue
Cowboy (like a country singer)
Pat Head and Rub Belly
Big/long breaths
English Accent
Stick Tongue out
Hold Tongue
Grandma (pinch small amount of skin on neck and pull back and forth)
Grandma/grandpa (missing teeth)
Mallow Mouth (puffy cheeks)
Baby (sweet and lispy)
Ventriloquist (don’t move lips)
Speaker Phone (cup hands over mouth in a tube shape)
Chipmunk (curl upper lip in toward gums)
Princess (stand up straight, cup hands together)
Ninja Movie (move mouth in between words and pauses)
Giant (sing deep and low)
Robot (sing staccato with bent elbows)
Glue stick-pretend to glue a part of your body and stick it. ex: glue hand to head or your elbows together!
Emoji Faces - print out emoji faces, attach them to popsicle sticks, and have children sing while you switch around the emoji's.  Have them mimic the face as they sing.

What was that?  58 IDEAS??? 

Have another idea???  Let's add it to the list!

from @marym_rogers from Instagram (thank you!):

Be a Hula Dancer
Plan an Air Guitar

And one last thing, some of these actions are more appropriate for certain Primary songs than others.  Use your best respect/reverence judgement for certain songs being sung :)


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