Mom's Secret Stash

Just a fun post today - nothing Primary Music related :)

For my ward's Relief Society auction, I was trying to come up with something as a treat for mom's/ women in our ward.  I made a cute box and put some yummy sweets in it.

But then I got thinking.... 

When the kiddos see it at home, the candy will be gone before mama gets ANY!!!

So "Mom's Secret Stash" was born.

 Now, this looooooks like a normal Laundry detergent box.  

And it is.  

That's the idea.

But Voila!

Now, if your kids are like mine, they'll NEVER find it!!!

"I'll be out in a minute kids, just doing some laundry".

If none of the sisters bid on this tonight at the auction, I hope I can bid on my own!  mmmm peanut butter M&M's!!!!!


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