Autumn Nursery Ideas

It’s Autumn Time!!!  Our favorite time of year!!! 

Autumn time brings changing leaves, colder weather and lots of fun festive activities, so we thought we’d share some Autumn Time NURSERY Ideas to do with your sweet little ones J

1-Bring a basket of artificial leaves inside.  Each leaf has a string attached – let the children make them flutter and fall!  Or run around and see how they follow!

2-Easy craft idea to do with the Nursery children:  Glue fruit loops to the tree! 

3-Go on a Leaf Hunt!

First, read the book, "We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt" by Steve Metzger.  Then take them outside to look for leaves.  Collect them as you walk around.  Notice the differences in leaves – sizes, colors, shapes.

You might have to gather some leaves around your yard and bring them to the church! Ha!

4-There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Leaves.
Old Lady Stick Printable found HERE.  Print and cut it out and have them move the objects in her mouth as you read the story.

5-Sing fun Autumn Songs and Rhymes!

And don’t forget the Primary Song “It’s Autumntime”

6-Make a Leaf wristband:

There's nothing cuter than seeing all the little kids running around in the church hall with their papers/crafts that they've made after church gets out!

This page and idea was found from the book, "It's Wiggle Time!" by Carson Dellosa

7-Paint leaves without the mess!
This idea was found HERE on Toddler Approved (incredible website!)

8-Contact paper Leaf Stick:
This idea was also found from Toddler Approved HERE

9-Have the children rake up some artificial leaves.  Throw them up in the air!  Rake them up again :)

 10-And we saved the best for last!  EAT LEAF COOKIES!!! (Cookies found at Winco or Amazon)

We hope you have some Fall fun with your little ones!!!

-iheartprimarymusic (and nursery too ;))

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