TEN General Conference Primary Singing Time Ideas

Something’s in the air… feels like a hint of autumn, excitement for hearing from our Apostles and PROPHET and of course… rain!  

It seems like it ALWAYS rains on General Conference weekend!

It’s always wonderful to anticipate hearing from our Prophet and Apostles!  To help the children get ready to watch General Conference and recognize faces of our leaders, here are a few ideas to implement into your Primary Singing Time J

#1 – SUITED for Conference

Call up a child who is being reverent to come help lead the next song.  As they lead, let them wear a suit coat/shirt and tie and sing in the microphone!

This idea is easy peasy - all you really need is a suit and and tie!  aaand know how to tie the tie (don't look close at this picture, because I obviously don't know how!)

You looked! gah!

But seriously, what child doesn't LOVE using the microphone, right??

#2 – “PRIMARY” Tabernacle Choir
Call 2-6 children to come to the front of the Primary room. Line them up, give them the sheet music in a folder and let them be examples of singing their best for the song! 

Girls on the left, boys on the right.  Just like the Tabernacle Choir! 

This could be really neat if you could do Primary Singing time in the Chapel and use the ORGAN!!!!!  


Play Memory Match with the Apostle’s pictures! When a match is found, read a short fact/info about that apostle and then sing a song!  You may want to shorten the matching game by using only 6 Apostle’s pictures.  Twelve might be too much matching to find!

Fun fact free printable HERE and Apostle Pictures Printable HERE.


Put together President Nelson’s life puzzle (puzzle from ayearofFHE HERE).  Sing a song for each puzzle piece!

#5- WATCH AND LISTEN to General Conference

“Watch and Listen” idea from iheartprimarymusic HERE

#6- Help PICK THE TIE for Conference

Our Apostles need help picking a tie to wear for Conference!!!!!  Put pictures of the 12 Apostles on the chalkboard. Display paper ties on table or on the chalkboard (to the side). 

Choose a child to come tac/tape a paper tie under their picture.  

Each tie represents a song to sing.  You could either put a number representing a song or the actual song title on the back of the tie.  It would also be fun to put a 'star' on the back of one of ties.  If they pick the 'star' they get to sing their favorite song - or the whole Primary does 5 jumping jacks!
Sing the song and read a fun fact about that Apostle.

Free Apostle fun fact printable HERE, Tie printables HERE and HERE and pictures of Apostles HERE.


Learn/Sing the song Latter Day Prophets.

The current version with Russell M. Nelson can be found at this website:

You can put up pictures of all the Latter Day prophets and point to them as you sing. The old pictures are always fun to see.

Click HERE for Full Page Prophet Printables and HERE for half sheet size Prophet Printables.  Yes, they have their names listed on the BOTTOM!!! (I get mixed up sometimes too!)

Ideas for teaching this song can be found on our site listed HERE.


Write down some words you typically hear during General Conference on separate pieces of paper – mixed up.  For example, you’d typically hear the word PRAYER, so write RYAREP.  Have the children guess what the real word is and sing a coordinating song.

Some examples:
PRAYER – song: A Child’s Prayer
BOOK OF MORMON – Book of Mormon Stories
FAITH – Faith
TESTIMONY – The Wise Man and Foolish Man
JESUS CHRIST – I Feel My Savior’s Love
TEMPLES – I love to See the Temple
BAPTISM – When I am Baptized

And there’s soooo many more options for scrambled words!


Display pictures of things you’d see near Temple Square around the Primary Room.  For example, the Temple, the Tabernacle, Conference Center, Moroni, flowers, Statue of Jesus (Christus), missionaries, etc.  

Each picture represents a song to sing.  Choose a child to come pick one and then sing the song.


It would be fun to tell the children to “put on their binoculars” (use fingers to shape two circles – like binoculars) and look for all the things you could see on Temple Square!


Before Primary starts, hide song titles around the room in the specific spots located on Clue: Microphone, Chalkboard, Chair, etc.

During Singing Time, call up a reverent child.  Read Clue #1 (Clue printables included below). 

Let them look and find the song title (they can get help from the other Primary children if needed), once they found it, then sing that song.

CLICK HERE for Clue Printables

We hope these fun ideas can help inspire you for your singing time and help your Primary children get ready for General Conference!!!

Enjoy your break from singing time for Conference!  Leave us a comment if these helped you for Singing Time - we love to hear how yours went!  and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on our new posts!


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