"Primary" Tabernacle Choir

Today is the Primary Children's lucky day!  They get to pretend to be like the Tabernacle Choir!!!

Call 2-6 children to come to the front of the Primary room.  

Line them up in a row, give them the sheet music to a song in a folder and let them be examples of singing their best for the song! 

Girls on the left, boys on the right.  Just like the Tabernacle Choir!

(I only have boys at my house for the example picture!)

This could be really neat if you could do Primary Singing time in the Chapel and use the ORGAN!!!!!  

(We are the first ward in our building, so we aren't able to do this).

Make sure to tell them to watch for the choir during Conference this next weekend!  

Have a great General Conference Primary Singing Time!!!


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