Pick the TIE to wear for Conference!!!!

Our Apostles need help picking a tie to wear for Conference!!!!!

Put pictures of the 12 Apostles on the chalkboard.  

Display paper ties on table or on the chalkboard (to the side).

Choose a child to come tac/tape a paper tie under their picture.  

Each tie represents a song to sing.  You could either put a number representing a song or the actual song title on the back of the tie.  

Sing the song and read a fun fact about that Apostle (free Apostle fact printable listed below).

This is a great idea to get the children recognizing their faces and get to know them!

It would also be fun to draw a small star on one the back of the ties.  The child who chooses the star, get to pick their favorite song to sing (or everyone does 5 jumping jacks together)!

Need pictures of the Apostles??? 

Don't worry we have you covered.  Click HERE.

CLICK HERE and HERE for FREE PRINTABLE TIES.  Scrapbook paper works great too :)


CLICK HERE.  <---- Reading these fun facts about them is a great way for the kids to get to know our Apostles!!!!

Whew!  Lots of Printables on the blog today!!! 

We hope you can enjoy this idea with your Primary kids before General Conference.  With these ties, they'll be sure to be looking great ;)

 Let us know how your Singing Time goes!



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