Latter-Day Prophets General Conference Singing Time

For your General Conference Primary Singing time how about helping the kids sing and learn the song Latter Day Prophets!?!?!!!

The current version of the song with Russell M. Nelson can be found HERE on

Need visuals to sing the song???

and click HERE for SMALLER PRINTABLES (roughly 5x6.5 inches).  This size is meant for laminating and putting on popsicle sticks.

(Prophet images were found HERE )

Here are some ideas on Teaching this song:

-You can put up pictures of all the Latter-Day prophets on the chalkboard and point to them as you sing.  The pictures of the past Prophets are always fun to see!  Click here for the online

-Take pictures away from the chalkboard as they start to learn the song.

 -Start with the pictures mixed up and call up 2 children to come put the Prophets in order as the Primary sings.

-Instead of using the chalkboard, call some children to come up and each hold 2 pictures of the Prophets as the whole Primary sings.

Another great idea on teaching this song is found HERE  from Primary Impressions.  She gives ACTIONS to represent each Prophet as you sing their name.  You could add a sking action for President Nelson since he likes to ski.

And this would be a fun matching activity to handout after singing time to have them try at home with their families!  CLICK HERE (found from the Friend Magazine) 

Enjoy teaching this fun song about our past Prophets!!!!!


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