I Spy Temple Square Singing Time

Display pictures of things you’d see near Temple Square around the Primary Room. 

Tell the Primary children to “put on their binoculars” (use fingers to shape two circles – like binoculars) and look for all the things you could see on Temple Square in Salt Lake City!

For example, the Temple, the Tabernacle, Conference Center, Moroni, flowers, Statue of Jesus (Christus), missionaries, etc.  Have each picture represent a song to sing and choose a reverent child to come pick one!

For Example:

Missionaries:  We'll Bring the World His Truth
Christ:  I Feel my Savior's Love
Temple:  The Lord Gave me a Temple
Flowers:  I Often Go Walking 
Moroni:  I Love to see the Temple 
Tabernacle:  Singing a Song is Fun to Do

Have you ever visited temple square in Salt Lake City???    What else have you seen that would work for these visuals in Primary Singing Time?  We'd love to hear from you!


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