General Conference Word Scramble

Write down some words you typically hear during General Conference on separate pieces of paper – 

buuuuuuut mix up the letter order!

For example, you’d typically hear the word PRAYER, so write RYAREP.  

Have the children guess what the real word is and sing a coordinating song.

Some examples:
PRAYER –  A Child’s Prayer
BOOK OF MORMON – Book of Mormon Stories
FAITH – Faith
TESTIMONY – The Wise Man and Foolish Man
JESUS CHRIST – I Feel My Savior’s Love
TEMPLES – I Love to See the Temple
BAPTISM – When I am Baptized

You could also just write these mixed up words on the chalkboard and then cover up with a piece of paper taped over.  Lift a piece of paper one at a time, after each song.

And there’s soooo many more options for scrambled words!  Have fun with this easy prep General Conference Singing idea!


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