Apostle Memory Match

General Conference Sunday is October 6th!!!!

Which means for my Primary, we have one Sunday in between the Primary Program and General Conference.  So we thought it would be fun to share some General Conference Singing Time Ideas this week so you can start thinking of what you might like to plan for.

The first idea to share is APOSTLE MEMORY MATCH!

It's a simple activity of matching the Apostles pictures together, read the quick facts about that Apostle, then sing a coordinating song.

You just need the chalkboard,
Tac N. Stick
 (tape or magnets would work too!),
Pictures of the Apostles (Printable HERE)
Quick Facts Sheet about the Apostles (Printable HERE)

What a great way to get the children to recognize the Apostles faces and learn a little bit about them before they see and listen to them Conference weekend!

And they always love a matching challenge and to help each other find the match!

More General Conference Singing Time Ideas to come!


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