After the Program Singing Time

Yay!  You all did IT!!!!

The Primary Program went wonderful, the kids sang great, the Spirit was felt, only one child had a meltdown, you could hear …

----Sudden stopping and record scratching noise--

What’s that you say? …

Wait, what?

You say we’re in charge of Singing Time AFTER the Program?

(deep breath)

Oh great.  Here we go again!

If this is you, don’t fret! – Here are some ideas to REWARD and have FUN with your kids after the Primary Program for Singing Time J:

-Bring blankets, popcorn, and soda and watch church videos.

-Have a Talent Show singing time.  Let the kids do solos, duet, trios, hum together, clap rhythms, anything really!  You could bring in microphones from the library – the ones that have the cords)

-Only sing activity songs and take turns having a child lead (Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, Do as I’m Doing, Wiseman/Foolish Man, Book of Mormon Stories, etc).

-Bring Pizza and let them just eat!  Have Primary music playing in the background.

-Have a free singing time.  Let them choose whatever songs they want to sing.

-Have the Bishopric come and serve ice cream.  Yum!

-Bring Chupa Chups Melody Pops and let the kids whistle/blow the tune to songs played on the piano.  You could also use kazoos.  (Chupa Chups Melody Pops HERE from Amazon)

-Have an Italian soda bar.

-Call up two Primary Children and give them each a dice.  Whoever rolls the higher number, chooses their favorite Primary song for the Primary to sing.

-Ask the Primary Stake leaders or Primary Presidency to do Singing Time.

-Watch a Tabernacle Choir Concert.

-During the Program, pass out index cards to the parents/adults.  Let them write their thoughts about the program and read these during singing time with a treat.

Have more ideas to reward the Primary kids after the Program?  Please comment below!


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