2020 Singing Time Calendar

Now that the new 2020 Primary Songs and Scriptures have been released, we thought it would be helpful to help organize your weekly Primary Singing Time with these BLANK MONTHLY CALENDAR PRINTABLES!

Each printable has the month at the top, the Sunday's date on the left side and the corresponding scriptures that go along with the Come Follow Me-Book of Mormon.  There is also the list of suggested songs on the bottom right.

The intention was to read the scriptures as you prepare for Singing Time and the blank space is to write your thoughts and plans for that weeks singing time.

CLICK HERE for the Google Docs of ALL TWELVE 2020 monthly blank calendars for Primary Singing Time.

Please leave a comment if these were helpful!  We'd love to hear from you!!!   and good luck with your 2020 organization! 



  1. I am SOOO excited for this!! It’s like you reached into my mind and pulled out exactly what I need for this upcoming year. Thank You!

    1. Thank you for your comment and letting us know how much you love these! So glad they can help you!

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  3. This is really great- I love the landscape format especially!! Is there a way that we can edit. I prefer to type in my plans rather than write them in. Thanks for sharing your talents!

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  6. As a newly called primary music leader, I am so thankful for this! This is going to help me so much to be more organized! I was trying to think of how I was going to get things in order and try to keep organized for the whole year, and you've done it for me! Thank you again so much!!

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