We're Baaa AAAAck!!!!!!!

Well hello there!

 It's been awhile.

We are excited to announce:

wait for it....

We are back in Primary!!!!  and we will be adding new primary music ideas!

aaaand Nursery ideas!!!

Thanks to all who have continued to follow iheartprimary music.  Get ready for some new and great ideas to help inspire you for your primary music!!! 

(Please bare with us as we wipe off some dust and restore     *cough *cough)



  1. I'm so excited! I am back in primary too and was shocked when I came to your blog again after several months and noticed that there was new content! I referenced your blog when you were posting before and I'm so excited for more awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing! BEST CALLING EVER!

  2. Best comment E V E R!!!! Thank you so much and we are so glad you get to be back in too! Yes, best calling!!! Much love.