Primary Program Prize

I know, I know, your Primary kids probably know and have sung the Program songs over and over. 

So how do you keep it fun and fresh to practice for the the big day????

Add a prize!!!!

My talented brother made this kindly to use during singing time :)

(Instructions to make your own wheel HERE from u-create-crafts).

I painted the sections some bright colors and then printed off most of our Program songs that we need to review.  Then, I taped the strips on for them to land on.

 At the beginning of singing time, I said, "Shhhhhhhhh. Listen to the clicks."

 and then spun it.

click, click, click, click, click, click,   

click,  click,    click,     click, 




This is a great way to capture their attention and get ready to listen to instructions.

The STAR represented a fun wiggle song to sing.  But there are so many options you could do!  Let us know what you think and/or what your "star" represented.

I also had the idea to put an AIRHEAD on one or two of the sections - now THAT would really get their attention and have them sing their best!


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