10 Ways to Add VARIETY to your Primary Program

So your Primary children are sounding great on their Primary Songs this year.  Yay!!!

Now the Primary Program is coming up and you think you’d like to add a little variety to the Program.

A little Spice.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just sticking to the norm and having all the children stand for each song.  As long as the children feel loved in Primary, feel HIS love and the Spirit you are doing it right!

But some choristers may feel like they can add a few variations.


Here is a list of ways you could add something different than just having them all stand up and sing:

Ways to add Variety to your Primary Program

1-Let a child sing a solo, or a duet, or trio.  I asked my kids one year who would be interested in doing this and a few raised their hands.  I wrote their names down and let them spotlight on a couple songs.  It turned out so special!

2-Sing a song in a different language such as Spanish or French.

3-Add hand bells.  If you are unsure about using these – ask for your Bishop’s approval.

4-Teach the children the sign language to a song.  I STILL remember some of the signs to ‘Search, Ponder, and Pray’ from when I was in Primary!

5-Sing a song acapella.  This always seems to draw the Spirit to another level.  You can so sweetly hear their little voices bearing testimony!

6-Let a whole class come up to sing or recite an Article of Faith.  Now that our Sacrament Meetings are shorter, this is a good idea to let everyone participate and save time!

7-Sing a song from an edition of The Friend.

8-Add the Youth for a song.

9-Ask a child or mom/dad to accompany the music – such as a flute or violin, organ, etc.

10-For the closing song, have the congregation join for the last verse.

Have some other ideas to add?  Write a comment or send us a message.  We’d love to hear from you!


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