10 MEDIUM Prep Primary Program Review Ideas

So you have a few days to prepare for your Primary Program Singing time coming up on Sunday?  CHECK.

You want to do something fun that has a MEDIUM amount of prep?  CHECK.

Nothing too overboard and fancy, but an idea that is a little more special than your regular Sunday Singing Time?   CHECK.

Well then, here’s a good list of MEDIUM Prep Primary Program Review Ideas for you!!!

1-Emoji Progress

Emoji’s are easy for the Primary children to understand!  So what better image to “grade” their Primary Program Songs???

Create a similar chart with your Program songs and mark which spot you think that song deserves after they sing it!  You could even move your finger during the song where you think you’ll mark to “meter” where they’re at during the song J

2-Racecar Singing

Bring two racecar tracks (or 2 old wrapping paper tubes) and bring toy hot wheels cars with song titles on them.  Have two children come pick a car and race them down the tracks.  Whichever car goes the farthest, is the song you sing!

STOP/GO signs to hold up would work great with this activity as they sing.  STOP = stop singing piano still plays.  GO = sing!

It would also be fun to use this singing meter to change the tempo during the song.  Make sure the pianist can see it as you sing!

3-Musical Measles

This one is SOOOO fun, keeps the kids’ attention and keeps them singing well!  Win, win, win.                  

Tell the kids that singing can be contagious (songs can spread joy, peace, and feel the Spirit) just like the Measles!!!!  Pass out red stickers to all teachers. Pick a song to sing.  After the song, each teacher pick 2 kids from their class to get a stickers.  Aaand the stickers get stuck on YOU (or the Pianist!)

It’s so fun to see how many stickers “measles” you end up with at the end!  Have fun with this one, but make sure to tell them, they only get a sticker if they’re singing their best!

4-Cookie Bake

What gets kids attention and motivates like COOKIES?!?!?!?!? 

Make a poster with 8 ingredients (or however many songs you’d like to review).  Each ingredient represents a song to sing.  After they sing it (their best!), then a child can come put the ingredient into the bowl.

Sniff, sniff.  Can you smell them???

At the end of Singing Time, pass out cookies as a handout!

5-Punch out board

This one never gets old!  Have a reverent child who’s been singing well come and pick a hole to PUNCH!  Inside is a song to sing.  You could also pick the song yourself and have a ‘way to sing’ inside the holes.

Hieeee yah!

CLICK HERE to follow instructions on how to make one for your Primary Singing Time!

6-Brother Billy Bubblegum

The kids love to see how big the bubble gets!  The louder they sing, the bigger the bubble! 

Can it POP?!?!?!?!?

CLICK HERE for the original instructions

7-Cut the Tie

The classic shock of cutting a Brother, Bishop’s or Missionary’s TIE in PRIMARY!!! 

Buy a tie at a thrift shop (or use one that need to be recycled from your husband closet hehe). 
Prearrange the volunteer Brother/Bishop/Missionary to wear that tie.  Have the children review their Primary Songs.  The better they sing, the more of the TIE that gets cut off!  This would be fun to have 2 ties and have the missionaries come and cut each other’s TIE!!!

8-Bubble Gum Machine

Mmmm bubble gum! 

All you need for this one is some colorful stickers and a bubble gum machine printable (you could also hand draw this on a poster board or on the chalkboard).  Remember you’ll need 2 – 1 for Junior and 1 for Senior Primary.

Pick the Primary Program song to sing and tell the children if they’re singing their best, they will get a bubble gum to stick in the machine.  Pass out the stickers during the song and have them put them up after the song.

This is a great motivator to have all the children sit and sing their best.  Challenge the Senior to fill it to the top!!!

Free Bubblegum Printable HERE

9-Tic Tac KNOW the Program

CLICK HERE for the original link we posted of this idea.  Primary kids always like a game and challenge!!!

10-Airplane Flight

Make paper airplanes with song titles on each.  Call up two children and have them throw.  Whosever goes the farthest is the song to Review!

aaaaaa 11, why not?

11-Secret Agent Review

While the kids are singing, you draw a name out of the name container and whoever you draw out you look to see if they are singing. If they are, the kids get a point, if not you get a point.

For this Singing Time Review you could have someone come act/dress as a spy and walk to isles during the song.  Or even sit by the piano with binoculars!  The “spy” add a point to the kids if the name drawn child was singing their best.

Review all Primary songs and see who wins!

Good luck with your Practicing!!!!  Hopefully one of these ideas can help you!


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