Primary Zoo

Do you ever feel like singing time reminds you of a ZOO?!??  lol...

Seriously, it does to me sometimes, too.

...and my house.
 Here is a great singing activity to help get your children's wiggles out!  Print some animals off of google images (clipart), cut out, laminate, and stick on a Popsicle Stick.
I put them in a cup (animal side of stick sticking out the top of the cup) and then cover them with a bird cage.  I choose a reverent child to reach in and grab 2 animals from the zoo.  As soon as they do we shut the cage again quickly to not let the other animals out!  Choose a song to sing and while you all sing, let that child switch off holding up an animal (one animal at a time is held up).  Whatever animal is being held up is the action you all do while singing!!!  Soooooo FUN!!!!

Here are some examples of animals and actions:
Owl - Make glasses with your hands and put them to your eyes
Alligator - Clap your hands together with your arms straight out (chomp, chomp)
Monkey - Sway arms above the air
Mouse - Make whiskers with your fingers
Penguin - Walk in place like a penguin (rock back and forth with straight arms and legs)
Turtle - Sing Slow
Giraffe - Sit up Tall, tall, tall!
Elephant - Make a truck with one arm and wave in up and down from your nose
Kangaroo - Jump up and down in place

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