Primary Music is AW-some!!!

 It really is, isn't it??? 

Primary Music.


This is another fun way to review the program songs.  You will need an empty A&W Root Beer box and small objects representing the Program Songs to go inside.  Call up a child to stick their arm in the A&W box and pull out one object.  See if they can guess what song that object represents and then sing that song!

Here are some examples of objects and corresponding songs:
Light Bulb: As a Child of God
CTR Ring: Choose the Right
Bee:  Stand for the Right
Picture of Jesus:  I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
Small Umbrella:  When I am Baptised
Toy Sword:  Nephi's Courage
Rock:  The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Have fun letting them guess which song the object is representing!!!

***And don't forget to look at the other posts from this week!!!

Thank you for the SWEET comments from last week!!!  We LOVE hearing that these ideas are being used in your primary singing times!!!!


  1. Hello! I love your blog & often used it as a resource while I was chorister. I have recently been called to be the Stake Primary Music Chorister. After receiving this calling, I decided to start a blog of my own to help the choristers in my stake (& hopefully others). The blog is I have already provided your blog as an additional resource... I hope that is ok?! Thanks for all of your efforts...It is clear that you LOVE being a primary chorister as much as me!!! It's the best.

  2. You are a life saver!!! Thank you so much!

  3. cute idea! I changed a few of the items and songs (based on what i had at home).
    And I'm handing out root beer barrels to all the kids at the end.

    hope they like it!

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