August Week 1:  Having Good Friends will Help me Choose the Right.

Here are a few ideas we have come up with involving Friend"SHIP"...

~For this singing time you will need to print this hand out (click here and here).  Cut out each friend saying and attach them with blue sticky tack to a ship (drawn on poster board).  These Friendship sayings are from the Standard Examiner July 5,1989.

On 8 of the friend sayings, write a song title on the back and on 3 of them write "game".  The rest leave blank on the back.

Call up a child to choose a friend saying.  If they choose a blank one have them just read the words at the bottom.  If they choose one with a song, read the saying at the bottom then sing that song.  If they choose one that says "game" on the back, play one of these 3 games:
1 - I'm Your Friend -
Instructions:  One child sits in a chair with his/her back to the group, with eyes closed and hands covering eyes.  Someone from the group tiptoes up to the chair, taps the child sitting in it on the back, and in a disguised or funny voice says, "Do you know me? I'm you're friend."  The mystery child then rejoins the group and the guessing begins!  The child in the chair uncovers his/her eyes, turns around, and tries to guess the name of the friend who tapped and talked.  After 3 guesses, a new child takes the chair and gets a turn.
2 - Who's missing -
Instructions:  Choose one child who will turn around and close his/her eyes.  The music leader picks a child from their class to hide behind the piano.  The child in the front then turns around and tries to guess who is missing from their class.  Then pick another child from a different class and begin the game again.
3 - Captain Says -
Instructions:  Play this just like "Simon Says", but instead, Captain says.  Let the child who is chosen wear a captains hat!

~Here's another idea:
Print 10 of these ships and on each write one letter from the word FRIENDSHIP.  Place them around the room and let the children pick one at a time.  For each one chosen, sing and song.  At the end of singing time, see if they can spell the word Friendship!

The PDF for this ship is found here.

~ Here is a fun poem that could be read before your Friend"SHIP" singing time.  The PDF is here
 and here is a fun handout to pass out at the end to take home for FHE.  It's a fun wheel of Friendship! click here for the PDF.
~and OOOOOONE last thing.
Here is another cute handout to give your children at the end of singing time.  Attach it to a life saver and they will LOVE it... and you... trust us ;)
Click here if you want the PDF to print a bunch!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the kind comments this week!!!!  Keep them coming and good luck with your primary this week.  Hang in there!!!


p.s.  We want to thank Sofia for highlighting us on her blog!!!  She as well has a great blog for singing time, sharing time, and FHE ideas.  She is a great resource!  Check out her blog!!!


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