Chews. Choose. Same thing...

 August:  I CHOOSE to Fill My Life with Things that invite the Spirit.
Week 1:  Having good friends will help me CHOOSE the Right.

If you have never seen the idea Billy Bubble gum, you. are. in. for. a. TREAT!!!  (we first saw it here)
My kids love absolutely go bananas when we pull him out.  I seriously have never seen my kids want to come up and sit around me when we are singing except for when Billy comes out.

...and I have 35 kids in each singing time.

I know... it's kinda crazy
I made Billy on a piece of foam board.  Colored him with paint and outlined with permanent marker.  A hole was cut for the mouth with an exacto knife.  You will need a balloon pump (at dollar store).  Put a ballon through the mouth hole and pump the balloon pump from behind.  
So the point of Billy Bubblegum is to make the children sing their best.  The better they sing the bigger the balloon.  See if you can make it POP!!!

Another idea we had was to use an old Double Bubble Bubblegum container and cut out the mouth.  Put peices of bubble gum in it with a song attached and let a child chews/choose one.  And they get to keep the piece of gum! (of course they can't chew it until after church).

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  1. I want to do this one with a pic of our Bishop. I think the kids would love it!