What "Shell" We Sing?

For this summer singing time there are 2 ways you can do this.

The easy way.

Or the not as easy way...

You choose according to how much time you have to prepare this week ;)

the EASY Way:
Put song titles in sea shells.  Choose reverent children to come and pick a shell and sing the song that is inside!

the Not AS Easy Way:
Inside half the shells, put a number that represents how many notes the piano player will play of a song.  Have a child come up and hold the shell to his/her ear as if to listen.  Let them try to name the tune!  Make sure to get the list of songs before primary to the pianist.

In the other half of the sea shells write on slips of paper questions that represent a song or opposite wording of a song title.

For example:
In what song do we like to look for rainbows? (When I Am Baptized).
Which song tells us we have power to choose? (As a Child of God)
Laman's Fear (Nephi's Courage)
Sit for the Left (Stand for the Right)
Reject the Wrong (Choose the Right)

You can also display a picture of Jesus by the sea shore :)

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