Ice cream, you sing.

Ice cream.  You scream. We all sing for ice cream!!!

What kid doesn't love ice cream?

Here is a fun singing time for summer!!!
Put the cone on the board (blue sticky tack) and put the rest of the ice cream flavors around the board.  Let a child come up and pick a flavor and set it on top of the cone.  Put a number (or song) on the back of ice scoop and sing that song!  Add each scoop on top of each other and see how high you can get it!
My kids loved to name each flavor as it was stacked on top!  Have fun and happy singing!!!

Here's the PDF's for the ice cream cone and flavors that I made with Paint. click here here and here
Print them if you want (card stock is best).
You're welcome. :)


  1. Thank you so much for this website... It is fantastic and I will be having an Epsom Ward (UK) Olympics - today... Just when my mind had run out of "inspiration" You came to the rescue - Thank you again - Robert :-)

  2. Seriously you are awesome!!! You make my life so much better/easier with this calling by posting these ENORMOUS helps! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!