Super POP!!!

This singing time is sure to keep their attention!!!  What child doesn't LOVE suckers????  and their POPS (dads)????

Print out this page and cut out the super hero logos.  Attach the logo to a piece of felt cut in the shape of a cape.  Punch a hole and put a sucker in it.

Display 6-8 of this SUPER POPS on the table.  Choose reverent children to pick one and sing a song.  For each child have them tell the Primary what makes their dad/grandpa SUPER!!!  Let them keep the sucker and at the end let every child have one (make enough according to the size of your primary).  Have them give them to their dads for Father's Day!!!

Hey YOU!!! Yeah, YOU!!!!!
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  1. You have such cute ideas thanks for the help

  2. What a great idea. Will be perfect for my boys.