Piggy Bank

 This is a great Singing Time to help your children learn about tithing!!!  I used this idea last year...

Put 10 gold dollars (I used Chucky Cheese coins for the pic) on the table.  Lay them out and let them count them with you.  Put your piggy bank on the chalkboard (tape or magnet).  Choose a reverent child to come pick one of the coins.  Let them put the coin in the piggy bank and then sing a song.  My kids always wondered how the coin didn't fall out :)  The secret is to put a zip lock in the back (taped on).

When my kids were being a little wiggly, I picked up the coins and jingled them in my hands and walked around the room. "Looking" around the room for the next gold coin picker, somehow makes them sit up straight :)

Try to get all 9 coins in the piggy bank and save the tenth coin.  With the that coin, put it in a tithing envelope and tell the children that a tenth of your earnings always is paid to the Lord and to give it to your Bishop!!!

My piggy bank was traced on scrapbook paper, but here is PDF if anyone would want it.  It was a fun singing time.  Good luck!!!

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  1. This is cool! You might enjoy our piggy bank song as well: