Oh Say Can You... Sing?

We {LOVE} July!!!!  Not only because both our birthdays are in July but because we love the holidays as well!!!

Here is a list of different fun ideas you can do for INDEPENDENCE DAY:

 ~U.S.A. - U Sing Awesome.  Pass out these badges at the end of singing time for a singing job well done!  Click here for the original idea from Beehive Messages

~Pin the Star on the Flag - Blind fold a child and let them guess where the star should go (let them stick it on with tape or stick tac).  After they have guessed, sing a song.  See who can get the best placement!!!  You could also just pull a star off (or put them on) and sing a song that is on the back.

~Target Lead Stick -  Here's an easy and fun lead stick to make for this week.  It's made from a Target grocery bag!!!  How cool is that?!?  For instructions on how to make one, click here.  You can also use a mini flag to lead with.  I like to "watch for reverent helpers" to help lead for me during the next song.

 ~Flag Meter - This is a cute flag singing meter to use while your children are singing.  The better they sing, the higher it goes!  If you want to make your own, click here and click here.

~Confetti Poppers - Buy 12 little confetti poppers (6 for Senior and 6 for Junior).  Take out the little cardboard piece at the bottom and place a slip a paper with a song title in there, and then put the cardboard back on.
Tell your children at the beginning for singing time that you are going to have fireworks in Primary!!!Choose a child to come up and let them pull the string and then find the song title in the confetti.  I've done this idea just about every year with my kids and they love it! My kids always wonder how I got the song to be in it!  I found this idea off Sugardoodle.  Be sure to have a trash can near!

~OR.. you could make your own! I must admit, these are WAYYYYY cuter looking.
For instructions on how to make them, click here.  And if you don't have any scrapbook paper click here for free paper from Martha Stewart.

~State Quarters - Display a collection book/map of all the states and their quarters.  Lay 6-8 other state quarters on the primary table.  Call up a child to come pick a quarter and see if they can match it to the one on the U.S. country map.  Once they have found it (with a little help, I'm sure), tell them some interesting facts about that state and then sing a patriotic song!

Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you for your singing time!


  1. Love it...been wondering what to do with that state quarter map my husband insists on keeping!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful wonderful wonderful.... add about 1000 more wonderfuls in there... blog!!! Do you mind if I link you to my blog and do a "spotlight" post on some of my favorite ideas from your site?
    No pressure! Honestly.
    Much love, Sofia

  3. cando37, so glad you can use the quarter map!!! Makes the kids think :)
    Sofia, THANKS for the compliment!!! But only 1000??? Just kidding.
    We would be honored to have you link us to your blog. We love your blog as well. Go ahead and use whatever you want. The more people we can help, the better. Happy Independence Day!


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