What are Mother's Made of?

For this singing time you will need:
A snickers bar, lemon, marshmallows, chocolate bar, onions, rocks, Mr. Clean product, and any form of medicine.

Let a child pick one of these items, then read that part in the poem and sing a song!!!

What are Mother's Made of?
by Cheryl Briggs

What are Mother's made of?
It's very plain to see--
Lots and lots of yummy things,
'Cause they're as sweet as they can be!

I think they're made of snickers
  To keep a laugh and smile,
While getting through the rough days,
  The ones that are a trial!

At times they're made of lemons
  When they get sour and mad--
Just cause we scribble on the wall--
  They think we're really bad!

They could be made of marshmallows--
  So tender, soft and puffy.
'Cause sometimes they'll give in to you,
  instead of getting huffy!

Perhaps they're made of chocolate bars,
  Melting in the sun.
Especially when you tell them,
  "Mom, you're my favorite one!"

They could be made of onions--
  When at times they start to cry.
And if you ask the reason--
  They really don't know why!

Sometimes I think they're made of rocks
  So strong and firm and set!
You try so hard to change their mind--
  And couldn't on a bet!

I think they're made of Mr. Clean
  Always putting things away--
Making sure we do our chores
  Before we can go and play!

They must be made of medicine--
  They always have the cure.
No matter what the pain and ache
  They fix us up for sure!

I know they're made of honey--
  So gooey and so sweet.
With hugs and kisses and "I love you,"
  Which they constantly repeat!

I guess they're made of all these things--
And even so much more--
They teach us, love us, help us through,
'Cause that's what Moms are for!


  1. I just found your blog today, and this was just the kind of idea I was looking for to use tomorrow. Thank you so much!

  2. thank you! i'll be using this today for my lesson as well - i think the kids will love it!