Soaring High in the Summer Sky

Paper Airplanes in CHURCH?!?!???!!!  My children loved this singing time idea!!! 

You will need 12-14 paper airplanes (2 of each kind) with songs or numbers written on them. 

Choose 2 children to come to the front of the Primary Room.  Have them pick two same airplanes.  As they stand from a line on the floor (duck tape), have them throw the planes in the same direction.  Whose ever planes goes the farthest is the song to sing!!!

Here is a website that has some easy instructions on how to fold paper airplanes.  Have fun!!!


  1. Awesome. Think I'll do this idea this week.
    Just last weekend my daughter (8yrs) ran in a 5 K that was a costume 5K here in Portland, OR. Someone was handing out this awesome and hilarious blow up airplane hats, I got two of them! So I think I'll be the pilot and we'll "fly" to parts of the country and sing the songs in different ways. "Texas - we can sing in a cowboy voice, or FL, I have a big alligator we do crescendo/decrescendo with). something like that. And the child I choose can come wear the other hat and draw a "flight ticket" out to see where we go next and what song we sing.

    Thanks, love your site!
    I am the Sr. chorister which has a good 55+ kids. it's huge!

  2. Thank you soo, soo much for all the wonderful ideas! I could never do my calling without the wonderful blogosphere to provide great creativity for me to copycat. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your true talent and creativity (and how much better our singing time is for it)!!