Shooting Stars

Here's a fun Summer singing time idea using Shooting Stars (straws)!!!

You will need: 3-4 film canisters (or little blocks), different color pom poms, 2 different size straws, paper star, and tape.

To make the Shooting Star Straw cut it a little shorter than the blowing straw.  Put tape on one end to seal the air and then put the star on top of the tape.  Make sure the blowing straw is smaller in circumference so that the shooting straw can fit over it.  Also, make sure the child blowing doesn't hold onto to shooting straw when blowing!  Switch blowing straws for each participating child.

Set the pom poms on top of the film canisters.  Each color of pom pom represents a different song to sing.  Let a child kneel from a certain distance and let them try to shoot the star and knock over one of the pom poms.  Once they have knocked it over, sing that song and then put another pom pom on top (different color of pom poms may be placed inside the canister).

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