Sacrament Tray

For this singing time you will need a sacrament bread tray and 6-8 slips of paper with song titles on them.

Hand the tray to a child in the front row and let the pianist start to play a Primary song.  As the piano starts, have the children pass the tray around.  Have the pianist stop playing randomly and the child that is holding the tray gets to pick out a slip of paper.  Then, sing that song.  You could also have scriptures or facts written on some of the papers to mix it up :)

Here is a printout from SugarDoodle that might be fun to pass out as a handout at the end.  Our Primary is first so this would be nice for them to color during Sacrament Meeting.  Click here for this cute idea!

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  1. You have some great ideas! I've been doing a blog for a couple of years now and would like to share your blog on mine. I write and entry every week except on General Conf. weeks. I have been teaching singing time for over 30 years off and on - more on than off. My blog is