A Mother's Image

Let children assemble the pieces and build a mother!!!  For each piece, read the poem and sing a song!

-Legs/Feet:  Her feet are busy all day long
 With loving tasks to make me strong.
They lead me in the righteous way
And guide me if I go astray.

-Knees:  Whether playing a game or scrubbing the floors,
Her knees bend willingly to every chore.
And kneeling in prayer with me each night
She teaches me how to do what's right.

-Lap:  There's a special place my mother has made
Where I can go when I'm hurt or afraid;
Or if I just need a hug or nap,
I climb into my mother's lap.

-Heart:  A mother's heart may be quite small in size,
But forgiving the most, it wins the grand prize.
Her love's given freely, without any strings,
But to see it returned will make her heart sing.

-Arms:  When loving her children, her arms are so gentle;
When protecting from harm, they can be hard as metal.
They can hold, lift, and carry heavy burdens or light,
But a mom's arms are best when they're hugging you tight.

-Hands:  A mom's hands keep busy throughout the long day.
Preparing meals and cleaning away,
Whether mending a shirt or wiping a tear.
Whenever I need help, my mom's hands appear.

-Shoulders:  Though she might not have the broadest of shoulder,
They're able to lift some of life's heaviest boulders.
Moms are able to share your worries with care,
And when you need a good cry, her shoulder's always there.

-Face:  Obedient to the Lord, Mom's face is a sample
Of a life time of service and good example.
the laughter and joy lines make it special, you see,
for each one was put there by children like me.

-Eyes:  Her eyes shine with pride over each child's good deed,
Though sometimes a tear may slide down her cheek.
With protecting care they watch me at play,
And seek every chance to help me each day.

-Mouth:  From her mouth I hear stories of what Jesus would do.
She speaks words of truth and encouragement, too.
I love hearing her laughter and seeing her smile
You see, Mom's my best friend--and I like her style!


  1. Where did you find this image? Did you draw it?

  2. Hello! We thought it came from an issue in the Friend... but we can't find it!!! It was drawn/copied from there. So if you can, draw your own mom with a heart. Good luck!