Mother is a Gardener

 Mother is a Gardener.
by Pat Graham and Joan Ashton

My mother has a garden that she waters everyday.  
Sometimes she picks the flowers and makes a bright bouquet.
She says the flowers remind her of things that children do--
So come into the garden, and I'll explain to you.

She says I'm like a daisy,
  a golden ray of sun,
Or like a happy marigold,
  always full of fun.

Here's a lacy lilac;
  it scatters sweet perfume.
And here's a yellow daffodil
  to brighten up a room.

I'm like a carefree dandelion
growing wild and free.
And I am like a hollyhock,
as tall as I can be.

Here's a strong snapdragon,
as big and brave as Dad.
And here's a small, sweet violet
trying to be glad.

I'm like a quiet crocus
  with promise for the spring.
I'm a purple pansy
  that makes you want to sing.

If I am like a flower,
  then surely you must know
That mother is the gardener,
  for she help me to grow!
She cultivates and nurtures
  and enriches pateintly.
Thank you, Heavenly Father,
  for creating her for me.

Pair the two flowers that go together in the poem on the table.  Choose 2 children to come pick a pair.  Read that part of the poem and then sing a song!  Let those 2 children hold up the flowers while you sing!

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