Get to Know Your Mom PURSE-onally

How fun is this!?!?

Collect 6-8 "mom" PURSES and display them on the table.  Let a child come and choose a purse.  In each purse have a favorite song of one of the mother's in the ward.  This may take a few phone calls to get different favorite primary songs of some sisters in the ward :).  Then sing that song!!!

You could also just have a song in each of the purses...

Happy Mother's Day to all you music leaders!!!  Thanks for all the nice comments we have received and don't forget to take a look at our other posts from this week!


  1. Thank you for all your fabulous ideas. I seriously just come to this site every week to plan our singing time. You really make my job so much easier and more fun!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. So glad you visit every week!!! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  3. I have asked the Young Men in my ward to substitute for me while I'm visiting my mother for Mother's Day. This is a perfect activity for them! Thank you for your blog and for this idea! I am so grateful for other's creativity, since I am not gifted in that area. :)