Make several 'bots' from recycled soup, chicken, and tuna cans.  Look in your garage for assorted nuts and bolts and other odds and ends to create your bot.  Attach with hot glue and walah!!!

In an old TV show called 'Lost in Space' a robot was the constant companion of a little boy.  The robot would call out, "Danger, danger" whenever the boy would need help with a decision that might lead him into "Danger".

Today the Holy Ghost is our "so-called Robot" - our constant companion to warn us of danger.

Let's see what songs our 'Robots' have picked for us to protect us from Danger.

(Have songs inside the cans of the Robots that can lead us from Danger.  For example:  As a Child of God, Choose the Right, Choose the Right Way, I Will Be Valiant, Dare to Do Right, Hum Your Favorite Hymn, I Will Follow God's Plan, Keep the Commandments, etc.)


  1. AWESOME. Your ideas are always so creative! Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for the comment!!!! So glad you enjoy our blog :)