There are many ways to use umbrellas for singing time!!!  Here are a few ways that we've thought of!
-Have a collection of umbrellas displayed on the table.  Each umbrella represents a song.  Let a child choose one and then sing that song.
-Let a child lead with a closed umbrella
-Have slips of paper with song titles on them.  Place them in an opened umbrella and let a reverent child who is singing good choose a song!
-Use an umbrella as a singing meter.  Open the umbrella as wide as it goes when the children are singing well.  And close it when they need to sing better.
- Let one child come up and choose an umbrella and let them open it and cover themselves.  Choose a song and while you sing, walk around the primary room and spray the children who are singing their best (make sure your spray bottle is on mist!!!)  My children love this!!!
 If you have any other thoughts on how you could use an umbrella for singing time, we would love to hear it!!!  and make sure to check out our other posts from this week :)


  1. I use an umbrella for two activities. One using a multi colored umbrella like the one pictured. Pick a song for each color or number each section. Have kids take turns spinning the umbrella and whichever color/number it leans on is the song you'll sing.

    Two open the umbrella and place upside down in the front. For reviews have the kids write a song on a scratch paper and throw it at the umbrella. Whichever songs make it in, you sing. I've also given them a ping pong ball with a song or number on it. Those which make it you sing, and lastly I've given them 3-5 ping pong balls and depending on the number made in the umbrella is the song we sing having the numbers pre determined with songs.

  2. I am going to cut out rain drops and clip them to a string that is attached to the wires of the umbrella. each raindrop will have a song on it.

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