"Shoes" the Right

"Shoes" the Right and Follow Jesus' Example!!!

This is a fun way to help us remember to be like Jesus :)
You will need cleats, wading boots, slippers, dance shoes, Sunday shoes, and swim fins.
Let one child pick a pair of shoes and then let them read how that pair helps us to choose the right and be like Jesus.  Then sing a song!

~Cleats - We need to dig our cleats into the ground and always stand firm against doing wrong. (Stand for the Right)
~Wading Boots - We need to be prepared.  When life is flooding us with temptations we can be wise and choose the right.  (Wise man/Foolish man)
~Slippers - We should get all comfy and cozy and spend time with the scriptures and keep learning about Jesus.  (Search, Ponder, and Pray)
~Dance Shoes - We need to be on our tip toes, looking for ways to share the Gospel.  (I will be Valiant)
~Sunday Shoes - We need to be reverent and ready to learn about Jesus.  (Reverence is Love)
~Swim Fins - We need to be ready to dive in and do service, just like Jesus did. (Give Said the Little Stream)

***Special thanks to all the people who have left nice comments lately.  We appreciate you letting us know that we are helping others!!!  Feel free to write us more nice things :)



  1. Just found your blog.
    Would love to follow via email subscription.
    Is there a way to do so?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. So glad you found our blog! At the moment we don't have any way to follow via email. Thanks!


  3. I did this activity last week with my primary and they LOVED it!!! They loved the play-on words. My own kids came home and told other family members about "Shoes" the Right, they thought it was hilarious (kids are 5 and 4) Anyways, thanks so much for all the great activities you share. Really makes a big difference in expanding my ideas and for those weeks I am stumped. Thanks again!!


  4. Tiffany, thanks for your comment! It really is one of the best we have received. Not only did your primary children love it for singing time but they brought the fun home to share with the family! SO good to hear!!!


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