Following Jesus is a PIECE of CAKE

What you will need for this singing time is:  6 paper feet (with a number on the top and a song written on the back) and something the pull the numbers 1-6 out of (a little bag or basket). Optional:  little cupcakes to pass out after with a handout that says, "Following Jesus is a PIECE of CAKE!!!". 

Place the 6 feet in a circle at the front of the Primary Room.  Choose 6 children to come up and stand on a foot.  Have a pianist start to play a song, and stop the music suddenly.  Each child should be standing on a foot (like a CAKE WALK).  Draw a number from a bag and who ever is standing on that foot sits down and then everyone sings the song on the back.  Each song is a reminder of how we can follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Here are some examples of songs:
Baptism (be baptized like Jesus)
Kindness Begins With Me (be kind)
Search, Ponder, and Pray (Pray to our Heavenly Father)
Love One Another
Keep the Commandments
I Want to be a Missionary Now (teach the Gospel)

Take that number of foot out of the circle and play again!  You can either keep the same children or call up completely new ones!!!

Here is a PDF of the foot prints if you would like to print some out.  CLICK HERE

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  1. I did this yesterday & the kids LOVED it! Thanks for sharing the darling idea.